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Hotel Nido Verde is located in Lavarone, in Trentino, where history, nature, culture and sport come together giving you a 360 degrees holyday experience.

During winter Lavarone ski slopes are suitable for all kinds of skiers, from beginners to expert and offers excellent fun and relax opportunities for the whole family. For a more complete information visit: www.lavaroneski.it.


Sports / Landscape:

Lake Lavarone

Whether you want a relaxing holiday, walking in the silence of the woods or a more dynamic one playing sports, you can find everything you need ... the choice is yours.

Tennis courts, a sports hall, 3 standard soccer fields, hiking and mountain bike trails and Lake Lavarone, where you can spend relaxing days sunbathing or swimming. During winter there is the possibility to ski on the Lavarone and Folgaria Ski carousel and if you don't ski in the area you can find ice rinks, snow tubing and more.



Caseificio degli Altipiani e del Vezzena

Dairy of Vezzena: the highlands of Lavarone Folgaria and Luserna and the adjoining highland of Asiago have a very long tradition in producing dairy products, especially Vezzena Cheese and Asiago cheese. Particularly up to the first world war Vezzena cheese was the only cheese used in Trentino as dressing for soups and the “canederli” (the typical trentino dumplings). We know from the chronicles of the time that Vezzena cheese was one of the favourites of the emperor Franz Joseph. Partially skimmed raw milk – from Brown or Alpin Grey cattle – is processed with bovine rennet : after several production steps the cheese has to be stored for seasoning. In the case of Vezzena Stravecchio the seasoning process can last even two years.


Culture / History:

Forte Belvedere Gschwent Lavarone

The area of the highlands was one battle front during the First World War. It was a long trench warfare, in fact you can still find the remains of trenches and forts. Among these, at a 30-minutes walk far from the hotel, you can find Forte Belevedere, known today as the First World War Museum. For more detailed information you can visit the “Fondazione Forte Belvedere” website.

400 meters far from the hotel you can visit the Honey Museum by the “Casa del Miele” (Honey House). There the Marigo Family will introduce you to the wonderful world of bees and you will have the possibility to taste the honey they produce here.

In the small village of Passo Coe (Folgaria), about 10 km far from the hotel, you will have the possibility to visit another historical site: Base Tuono (Base Thunder).

This site is a formerly NATO Base, active between 1966 and 1977. You can visit an exibition with the Nike-Herkules launch pads used during the Cold War.

Another important aspect of our territory history and culture is surely the ethnic-linguistic minority present in Luserna: the Cimbrians.

The House Museum Haus von Prukk, in Luserna, is a place of great interest that deserves to be visited.

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